Friday, January 7, 2011

1/2 Off ADORABLE, Hand-made hair accessories for little girls!

Oh my goodness...this deal had me wishing that I had a little girl soooo badly!! These hand-made bows, flowers, and such as SO stinking cute. The deal is pay $20 for $40 worth of hair accessories from Sweet Chic Hair Boutique! Follow this link. AND if this is your first deal purchased through them (Plum District) they will give you a $5 off credit. So it will be $15 for $40 worth of product! I do not think it will take you right to the deal, the deal is located under San Diego, CA, but it is an online it can be purchased anywhere!! Someone buy those flower clips since I can't! lol

When you log in, if its your first time, select "everywhere" when you are signing up to view this deal.  It is not under a specific city.

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