Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CVS Heist-Week of 11/2-Spent $2.27 for $57.77!

**Update 1/6**
I have a confession to make...I went back to CVS again!!! Aghhhh...its ok though...it was worth it:)
So technically now my totals are $6.27 spent for $93.73 worth of items:)

So this is my new addition, it actually belongs at the end, but I figured I would put it at the top for you to find easily, for those who have already read this.

4th Transaction:
I purchased 4 32 load bottles of Wisk Laundry Detergent. (Sale $5, REg $8.99)
-Used 4 $2 off Wisk coupons from this past weekend's Red Plum
-Used $6 ECB from previous transactions this week
Paid $6+tax, received $10 ECB back!! So in the scheme of things, counting ECB back, I only spent $2 for all four bottles of Wisk! So yes, this week I bought 6 bottles of laundry detergent. BUT remember, my husband is getting out of the military this summer, so I am stocking up on these things when they are free or almost free! That way when we take the small pay cut from his new job, I will not have to buy these items:) Make sense?

Its been a while since I have had a good CVS heist! The quarterly Extra Bucks were a big help though. I spent $2.27+ tax for $57.77 worth of items, and I walked away with $5 in Extra Bucks for next week! Remember, if there are not any good deals on things your family needs or would use, SAVE your extra bucks! No use wasting cash on something you normally would not buy. I could have made this deal a lot better, but I could use the $5 ECB for next week I am sure!

First Transaction:

2-Xtra laundry detergents (Sale 1.99, reg 2.99)
3-Excedrin Extra Strength 20-24 ct. (Reg $4.79-5.39)
1-Excedrin PM 20 ct (Reg 4.99)
$5/$25 purchase coupon. I had one sent to me in a n email. I have also heard lots of people say that they received them at the price scanning machine. (Remember, keep scanning your card until it tells you that you have no more coupons! The lady in front of me got the $5/$25 coupon on her third scan.)
3-FREE Excedrin Extra strength coupons from coupons.com a while back
1-$2.50 off Excedrin PM from previous newspaper inserts
2-$1 off Xtra coupons that were print outs I posted in my Freebies and Deals last week. Hopefully you printed them...because they are all gone now!
Paid out of pocket NOTHING, received $10 in ECB from buying $20 worth of Excedrin product

Second Transaction:
2-boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats (sale 3/$10)
1-box of Raisin Bran Crunch(sale 3/$10)
1-Revlon nail clipper (2.99)
1-Revlon eye lash curler (5.99)
1-70 cents off one Raisin Bran coupon, printed last month from coupons.com
2-$1 off Frosted Mini Wheats coupon, printed from coupons.com last month
$10 ECB from First transaction
$4.50 in ECB that I had received from my fall spending (Check your receipts! They started printing on the 1st!)
Paid $1.78 out of pocket, received $11 in ECB ($4 for cereal, $7 for two Revlon tools)

Third transaction:
1-Pack of Huggies Little Movers diapers (8.99) This is not a good price, I only did it because it was free with my ECB, and I am stocking up on more diapers when I can. I have not paid for diapers in a llooooonnnngg time:)
2-Life Saver Gummies (sale 50 cents, regular .89) This was my filler item to use the $7 ECB
-1 $2.50 cent off Huggies Little Movers coupon from Huggies.com (The site says its for Little Snugglers, but it prints saying for Little Movers OR Little Snugglers)
-1 Buy one get one free Life Saver Gummies printed from coupons.com last month (See why I tell you to print out those buy one get one free candy coupons?? Don't use them just to use them, save them for fillers!)

 -$7 ECB from second transaction (Received $1 ECB from Huggies diapers)
Paid .49 + tax out of pocket Woohoo for FREE diapers:)

I now have $5 in ECB stored up for next week!!

Want more tips and tricks on how to shop at CVS? See this post! Feel free to ask any questions:)

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