Monday, November 1, 2010

CVS heist week of 10/31

Here is my heist for CVS for this week! (And apparently I caught a little thief in action in my photo!)

***Important update to this post (made on 11/2)
I just found out that CVS has Cold Blast Warming Syrup for $8.99, and you get $8.99 back in ECB! (See below for more on ECB) So MY sugeggestion, is buy the warming syrup first. Then keep rolling the ECB to the transactions below. You actually will be able to get MORE in the second transaction, because You will have about $2 more in ECB to spend. You will have to have your transaction to at least $8.99 to use the ECB. You cannot only use part of it, it will all be used up even if you do not "spend" that much. If you cannot find something for $2 to use, you can always pad it with the Buddy's Teddy Bear Graham crackers that I have in the picture. They are on special for $1. ***

3 dozen eggs (reg $2.19, CVS has some expensive eggs! yikes!)
1 box of Buds Teddy graham crackers (Reg $1)
1 Olay Sheer Moisture Ribbons body wash (Reg $7.00)
1 Secret sample size deodorant (Reg $1.49)
2 Oral B Pulsar tooth bruses (Reg $4.99 each)

Grand total= $6.39

I did two transactions

First Transaction:
2 Oral B Pulsar tooth brushes
1 Secret travel size deodorant
1 Olay Sheer Moisture Ribbons body wash

FIRST use $3/$15 purchase CVS coupon (see below for details on that)
Use 2 $3/1 Oral B Pulsar tooth brush coupon from P&G insert 10/31
Use Buy 1 secret deodorant get $5 off any olay body wash from P&G insert 10/31
Total:$5.82, get 7 extra bucks to use on next transaction

($2 extra bucks on each oral B pulsar purchase, limit 2
$4 extra bucks back on Olay body was purchase, limit 1)

Then I turned around and did a second transaction

3 cartons of eggs (I try to use my extra bucks on something I really need. With my husband's weight lifting diet we go through FIVE cartons of eggs a week!!)
1 box of Bud's Teddy bear graham crackers
Total: 57 cents after extra bucks from previous transaction.

I usually could get a lot more with the extra bucks on the second transaction, but I wanted to use them for something I actually needed today, which was the eggs. Pretty pricey for eggs, so don't buy them there unless you get a deal like today!!

Here are some tips on shopping at CVS:

First, the CVS care card. Its free. Its a frequent shopper card. You cannot get the sales without one. Get one. End of story. :) Also, you earn 2% back a quarter for ALL purchases. At the end of the season, you will get 2% of the quarter's purchases back in Extra Bucks (see below). They will automatically print out on the next receipt after the quarter ends. ALWAYS look at the bottom of your CVS receipt. Sometimes the sneak coupons and extra bucks on there that you were not expecting:)

Second, on each visit, BEFORE you start shopping, scan your CVS care card at the Care Card coupon center. This is a red funny looking box. Once you scan your card it will spit out coupons. The coupons vary, but most of the time it will spit out a coupon for $3 off a $15 purchase. You can scan your card up to three times a day, each scan will print out different coupons. I ALWAYS stand there and scan it three time in a row to see what I get. NEVER throw away your $3 off a $15 purchase coupon unless it is expired. Some times the machine will not print one, which is rare, but it happened to me today. Good thing I had save one from a previous visit! Also, you can use a CVS coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item for extra savings!

The third trick is THE biggest trick at CVS: Extra Bucks. You earn extra bucks by buying qualifying purchases. It will always say on the shelf tag or in the ad if an item has extra bucks back with a purchase. You buy the item, then the extra bucks print out at the end of your receipt. Its as simple as that. I try to "roll" my extra bucks, which means I turn around and buy more items in the same trip. (And if possible, I try to buy something I really NEED at the time, like milk, eggs, bread, ect.) Your purchase has to go over the amount of the extra bucks, and you still have to pay the tax. Always bring change with you for these times.

Fourth, get a Green Bag Tag. These are little green cards that you purchase for 99 cents. You only have to purchase it ONCE. Every time you take your own reusable bag into the store, you get a scan from the cashier at check out. Four scan gives you $1 extra buck to use on the next transaction. I shop at LEAST once a week at CVS with my deal hunting, so this has more than paid for itself.

***Added 1/2011***

CVS just added ANOTHER way to save with their Extra Care Beauty Club! Go here to sign up for FREE! You just need to enter your info and your Extra Care card number.

You will receive:

10% off Beauty shopping pass in your email JUST for signing up.

$5 ECB for every $50 you spend in beauty! (This even includes hair care and hair color!! And the amount counts BEFORE coupons!!)

$3 ECB on your birthday!

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