Friday, December 24, 2010

9 Pairs of Sunglasses for $9.99!!!

Sorry! No longer available!
Check out Graveyard Mall's daily deal! This is a overstock website. They package overstock items together in  big bundles for AWESOME deals! Today, for $9.99 you will receive over $275.00 worth of sunglasses for $9.99!! And FREE shipping!!! You cannot pick out the styles you receive, but I have seen people post pictures of the glasses they received on different websites. All of the styles are VERY stylish and name brand.

Might be a fun way to spend your Christmas money:) Its kind of fun to get things in the mail that will be a "surprise"! Even if they are not ALL your style...its hard to find ONE good pair of sunglasses for $10, let alone NINE!

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