Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rite Aid Heist 12/29-Spent 4.59 for $170.28 of items!!

HOLY MOLY! I had a GREAT week this week in my Rite Aid heist!! One thing to keep in mind...I had the $20 off coupon from the Holiday Gifts of Savings promotion last month. SOOO that makes a difference in my first transaction. But still...even if you copied me, you would get all of this for $24.50...which still isn't bad! I would have probably left the diapers out if I did not have that $20 coupon. That made up for about $15 alone. So here it is...I paid $4.59 for $170.28 worth of items (That is BEFORE the sale price on that $170.28 total. I can't believe ANYONE would shop at a drug store full price! lol)

Transaction 1:

(This is the one where I had the $20 off you may want to keep that in mind if you are copying...not as good of a deal without it.)

2-boxes of Keloggs Special K cereal (reg $4.96. This is a HORRIBLE price, so unless you have the buy one get one free coupon DO NOT buy this!! haha)
4-canisters of Pringles (Sale $1.50 each, reg $2.20)
2-jumbo pack of Pampers diapers (Sale 8.88, reg 11.99)
1-Gillette Fusion Proglide shave collection (Sale 9.97, reg $10.99)
1-box of Tampax (Sale 2.99, reg 3.99)
-$5/$25 purchase coupon FIRST
-$1 off 4 pringle stax from previous inserts
-$1 off Tampax from previous inserts
-2 $1.50 off Pampers coupons from previous inserts
-$4 off Gillette Fusion razor from previous inserts
-Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special K coupon (was a special print out from a few weeks ago, no longer available)

I used my $20 off coupon I earned from Holiday gifts of savings.
Paid $3.34 + tax, received $11 +UP
($5 +up for razor, $1 for each Pampers, $1 for each Special K, $1 for Tampax, $2 for Pringles)
I JUST REALIZED I WAS GYPED! I should have received $12 +UP, not $11!! grrr....oh well. Check your receipts!!

2nd Transaction:

2-Butterfinger Snackerz (Reg 88 cents, this was a filler to reach the $25 for my coupon)
2-boxes of Special K cereal (Reg $4.79...YIKES! Only buy with the coupon!)
2-Cans of Progresso soup (Sale $1.50, Reg $3.19!!! HOLY MOLY! That's expensive soup!)
1-Gillette Fusions Razor collection kit (Sale 9.97, reg 10.99)
2-bottles of Ester C Gummies (Sale Buy one get one free, reg 6.49 each)
$5/$25 purchase coupon FIRST
-2 $2 off coupons for Ester C Gummies from previous inserts
-1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon for $1 off Ester C Gummies
-1 $2 Rite Aid $2 off Ester C coupon from the Flu coupon book (No longer available)
-$4 off Gillette Fusions Razor from previous inserts
-$3 off Rite Aid coupon for Gillette Fusions Razor from Flu coupon book
-$1 off 2 Progresso soups from Vons (Safeway) Thanksgiving coupon book
-$1 off 2 Progresso soups from Rite Aid Video Values
-Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon for Special K (Previous print out, no longer available)
-Buy 1 Get 1 Free Butterfinger Snackerz (Previous print out, no longer available)
USE $5 +UP from 1st transaction
Spend 1 cent +tax out of pocket, receive $8 +UP
($5 +up for razor, $1 for 2 Progresso soups, $1 for each Special K)

3rd Transaction:

OK, this one is a little different. My store was out of the Charmin that is in ad for the $12.97 (Buy $20, receive $5 +UP.) So what she did to make up for it, was she gave me a DIFFERENT pack of Charmin which was on sale for $9.99, and gave me $5 off since she cannot just print a +UP. SOO....pretend like I just used $5 +UP from the previous transactions...make sense? Sorry that confuses things:( ) The actual deal is to buy $20 worth of the select Bounty or Charmin products, get $5 +UP. So she just let me keep $5 +UP and marked down the product...

1- Pack of Charmin (Jut to make things easy, we will say I bought it for $5 lol)
1- Bounty Paper towel 15 pk (sale $12.97, reg $18.99)
1-Gillette Clinical deodorant (Sale 7.99, reg 9.99)
-Use $1 off one Charmin coupon from P&G solutions coupon book
-Use $1 off one Bounty coupon from P&G solutions coupon book
-Use $3 off Gillette clinical Rite Aid coupon from Flu book
-Use $3 off Gillette clinical coupon from previous inserts
-Use 2 $1 off ANY merchandise coupons from Rite Aid Video Values
-Use $10 in +Up rewards from 1st and 2nd transactions
Paid .04 out of pocket, received $3 +UP from deodorant

4th transaction:

1-Rite Aid pretzels (Sale 1.25, reg son wanted a snack, so had to think fast)
4-bags of Chex mix chocolate brand (Sale 1.50, reg 2.99)
1-Niquil 20 oz (Sale 5.00, reg 6.49)
-$1.50 off Nyquil from previous inserts
-4, 50 cents off one chocolate Chex Mix from previous inserts
-1, 50 cents off Chex mix from Rite Aid Video Values
Use $6 in +UP from previous transactions
pay 25 cents + tax, receive $4 +UP ($2 from Nyquil, $2 from Chex Mix)
(Keep in mind that the Nyquil +UP is limit one. You will still get $5 price for future transactions, but can only get the $2 +UP once.)

5th Transaction:
1-Always pads (Sale 2.99, reg 3.99)
1-Vicks Sinex (Sale $5, reg 7.49)
-$4 off Vicks Sinex coupon from previous inserts
-$1 off Always coupon from previous inserts
-Use $2 +UP from fourth transaction
Pay 99 cents + tax

*I actually walked away with $2 +UP for my next purchase. I did not use all of the +UP from the third transaction.

*For more tips and tricks on shopping at Rite Aid, see this post!
*I Also ended with $36.40 towards my Resolution Reward! Find out more on that here. Your receipt will keep track of your $ toward the reward for you! The reward will print as a $20 +UP reward once you reach the $100 goal:)

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  1. Way to go! I did something similar last week. I got over $140 in merch for $1.44!!!!!!!

    Tera Wolf
    Wolf Pack Mama to the Wolf Pack Seven: Devin, Drew, Odette, Olivia, Onnalee, Dylan & Ondrea