Sunday, December 5, 2010

Freebies and Deals: week of 12/6!!!

Here is my list of freebies and deals for this week! Remember, the BEST coupons come with free samples in the mail. If you do not use the free samples yourself...donate them! I give most of my toothpaste, deodorant, etc free samples to my local homeless shelter! Its fun to get free things in your mailbox...or anything that is not a bill!! Check back daily as I will update this post at least once a day! (Also, check last week's freebies and deals here...some may still be available!)

***Added 12/6***

Go here for a free sample of Stayfree feminine pads!

Go here for a $1 off coupon for Cream of Wheat Cinnabon flavor! Yum! You should be able to print it twice.

Go here for a free sample of Gas X Prevention. Once you submit the form, it will also let you print a $2 off coupon!

***Added 12/7***

Go here for a FREE sample of Taster's Choice instant coffee. This comes with six small packs and a $1 off coupon!

RARE Gerber clothing coupons here! $1/1 Onesie, $5/$25 Gerber apparel or bedding purchase, $1/1 Gerber Sleep and Play gown!

FREE NERDS! Not sure how long they are running this. Go here and fill in your info for your free box of Nerds! has some GREAT candy coupons right now! I normally do not print out coupons until I KNOW I am using them and have planned ahead for a deal, but this is the exception. When there are coupons for small candy I usually print them out and use them as "padding" for when I need 50 cents or so to reach a minimum amount. (Such as to use +UP Rewards or to reach a $5/$25 coupon minimum.) Sometimes you can also find REALLY good sales. Here are some of my favorites that you can print now (if you do not see them on you page, use zip code 90210) You can print each coupon twice.

-Dove singles bar Buy 2 Get 1 FREE. (This is a reset from last month's, so if you printed it in November, you can print it again!
-Save $1 on any 2 intense Dark Ghirardelli bars. (Sometimes there are good sales on these, or you can stack them with a store coupon.)
-Life Saver Gummies Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
-Butterfinger Snackerz Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! (This week, stack these coupons with the Walgreen's in ad coupon for Nestle candy for 39 cents! This will make them less than 25 cents each!!)
-Save 50 cents when you buy two Milky Way bars

These make GREAT stocking stuffers, but like I said, I always hold off for a great sale! (Like the Walgreen's/Butterfinger Snackerz scenario!)

Here is yet ANOTHER free sample of Seattles best coffee! This is different than the one from last week, so if you did last week's you can do it again! Go here and get yours!

***Added 12/8***

If you live in: AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MS, MO, NC, OH, SC, TN, TX, VA & WV you qualify for a John Frieda Sheer Blonde sample from Kroger! Go here to get yours!

***Added 12/9***

Go here for a free sample of Garnier Anti-dandruff shampoo...maybe comes with a coupon? Sorry! All gone!

FREE Blockbuster Express movie rental! The last one I posted ended up being a rent 2 get 1 free...word has it, this is for a COMPLETELY free movie rental. Just enter code  XU14A. Code can only be use ONCE per account, good until 1/7/11!!

Here is a rare one! Go here and get a free sample of Whey to Go Protein powder. My hubby will be excited for a sample that's finally for him!

Go here for a free sample of Snuggle fabric softener. You will be asked about receiving "other offers" afterward...takes a few minutes...just click "no" to everything.  It took only about three minutes to get through for me.

Go here to fill out a form to receive a free sample of Natural Dynamix multi gummy vitamin!

Do you like Ovaltine?? My family recently has a new obsession with it:) We use it for hot chocolate, I use it to make brownies from scratch...its SO good! Here is a great $1 off 1 coupon!

Wow! Here is a $1.50 off ONE box of Frosted Mini Wheats coupon!! This week you can buy two boxes at Rite Aid, use the two coupons, pay $2, then get $2 +UP rewards back!! Just like FREE!!  (Prints twice)

Go here for a free sample of Purina Dog food from Sam's "membership" required ;) Thanks Laura for letting me know about this one!

***Added 12/10***

Go here for a free sample of Soooo Sweet sweetener! No really! That's what its called!

Here is a free sample of Pretty by Elizabeth Arden.  According to the site, this freebie is a 1 oz little spray bottle!

Go here and like Planter's on Facebook. Enter the "holiday party" to print a $1 off 1 coupon! (You can print twice)

***Added 12/11***

Head on over here and like Ester C on Facebook to receive a FREE sample of their Vitamin C gummies! My son loves these!

***Added 12/12***

Go here to sign up for a Beach-Nut baby food started kit as well as valuable coupons!!

Go here and sign up for a sample box of Playtex Sport tampons! This will come with coupons! (This is an older free sample that is still available...if you signed up for it last month, you probably will not be able to do it again this time.)

Here is a site with high value Welch's coupons! I am not positive on the print limit, but most of the time you can print twice.