Tuesday, December 21, 2010

*** Cheap Huggies Alert!! ***

I was just at my Rite Aid, and they had Huggies Little Movers Jeans jumbo packs for $5 on clearance! I have a stock pile of $2 off one Huggies Little Movers coupons from previous coupon inserts. That made the packs $3 each!! The size 5 comes with 21 diapers...so that made them about $14 each! I also went to another Rite Aid close by since my store only had two packs...and SCORE! The other store has some as well! (The boxes pictured are not the ones on clearance...its the smaller packs with 20-27 in them.)

So hopefully you have a good stock pile of coupons from a few weeks ago. I tried to find some Huggies online coupons for Little Movers...but no such luck. Post here if you find any!!

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