Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rite Aid Heist, wk of 11/26 Paid 88 cents for $27.10 worth of items!!

Today I spent 88 cents+tax for $27.10 worth of items, and walked away with $1+UP reward!!! I actually would have gotten more, but my Rite Aid was already sold out of a lot of items (Such as Swiss Miss and Toblerone which were so on my heist list!!). So I settled for less:) I also only did one transaction this time!!

Transaction 1:
2-Whole Grain Pringles (Sale $1.50 each, Reg. $2.29)
2-Betty Crocker muffin mix (bag not box, so regular BC coupons will not work sale $1, reg $1.29)
2-Old El Paso refried beans (Sale $1, Reg $1.49)
2-Lysol wipes (Sale $3.49 B1 G1 free! Reg. $3.49 each)
1-Clorox wipes (Sale $2, Reg $3.49)
1-Clorox Bleach (Sale $2, Reg $2.89)
2- 3-D Foamies (Sale $2.99 B1G1 50% off, Reg. $2.99 each) There are several versions of this, and many at different get what works for you! They are found in the craft section at my store.
-Use $3 off $20 purchase coupon FIRST
-Use one $1 off whole grain Pringles coupon from either P&G rebate coupon booklet, or previous newspaper inserts)
-Use $1 off any Betty Crocker baking item from December Video Values!
-Use 2 50 cents off one Old El Paso item from previous news paper inserts
-Use 2 $1 off 1 Lysol wipes from previous news paper inserts
-Use 2 $1 off Lysol product coupons from November and December video values
-Use 1 40 cents off Lysol wipes coupon from previous newspaper inserts
-Use 1 25 cents off Clorox bleach coupon from previous newspaper inserts
-Use $5 off any two 3-D foamies product from December Video Values!!!
-Use 2 $1 any non prescription item from November or December Video Values
-Use $2 +UP left over from last week's heist. (You may not have this unless you are copying my heists exactly. Either way....$2.88 for all this is still pretty darn good!)

Pay 88 cents plus tax out of pocket, receive $1 +UP reward for the two Clorox items

Pretty good week for me! When you go, you may be able to use the $5 off $25 purchase coupon instead if your store has stock on these items:

Toblerone candy bar 2 for $2, use $1 off 2 coupon from previous news paper inserts

Swiss Miss hot chocolate $1 per box, use either $1 off 1 coupon from Safeway Thanksgiving coupon booklet if you have it, or 50 cents off 2 coupon from previous news paper inserts.

I also wanted to buy a few more refried beans to ad up to the $5 for $25 coupon instead, but I bought the last two!

Sierra Mist Naturals Cranberry Blast 20 oz $1.49 each, use B1 G1 free coupon from December video values (Can only be used on the Cranberry Blast)  as well as $1 off 1 coupon from Safeway Thanksgiving coupon booklet if you have it. My store was sold out of the sierra mist too...what the heck??!

Want to learn more about smart couponing and tricks at Rite Aid? Check out this post!

What deals did you find at Rite Aid this week??

**Thank you to Saving Addiction for the head up on the 3D Foamies deal!!

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