Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Rite Aid Buy and Save +UP Promotion!!!

Rite Aid has yet another AWESOME promotion! I am glad they are having another good promotion after the Gifts of Savings ended. With this promotion, you buy $100 in any of the participating products before January 2, 2011 and receive $20 +UP! Your Wellness card will automatically track your progress and print the +UP once you reach the $100 goal. I am HOPING that this will be the BEFORE coupon amount of the product. That is how the Gifts of Savings program worked...and was definitely in our favor!! Here is a list of participating products. Sounds like almost the whole store ;) I would not go out of your way to reach the $100 for this promotion...but if you happen to reach it in your heists...all the better!

***UPDATE 12/29***
I now have confirmation (from my own receipt) that the total is BEFORE coupons!! So you should be able to add up to the $100 pretty quickly without even trying! I did not even pay attention to the buy and save stickers, and I still contributed over $36 toward my $100! (And only spent $4 for the whole lot hehe)

Your wellness card will keep track of your $ toward the reward for you! After each purchase it will tell you how close you are to the goal!

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