Wednesday, December 22, 2010

***HOT***$10 Decorative Wall Clings!!

 Sorry!! No longer available!

I know I posted about the $10 bonus for current customers at Eversave. What I found out this morning is that for NEW get the regular $5 off your first purchase AND if you use code FIRSTBUY at check out, you receive ANOTHER $5 off! So if you are new to Eversave, you can get these ADORABLE wall clings for $10 as well! Its $10 for $40 worth of wall clings! That's an AWESOME price! If you do not see the Lot 26 side deal, change your location to San Diego. It will be the deal on the side bar. (Don't worry, since this is an online company, you can order from anywhere in the US!:) )

If you have ordered from eversave in the past, they gave $10 credit to all their current customers for Christmas! So you can get it for $10 too:)

You also can "gift" these deals. You pay the $10, then tell them you want it sent as a gift! They will email the recipient  the gift code. They will not tell them how much you paid, just that they have a $40 "gift card" to spend at that site!! Great if you forgot someone this week;) lol

Go here and check out the deal!!

**Update** And actually it is even a BETTER deal, because some of these wall clings start at $14!! You can get several wall clings for $10!! There is no limit...just $40 worth for $10 paid by you!

Thanks to Smart Couponing for the heads up on the "newbie" deal!

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