Friday, December 3, 2010

More HOT Deals at Target!! 12/3

I just got back from a Target run...

A couple days ago, the Catalina (the coupon printer at the Taret registers) printed out a $1.50 off any three Market Pantry items. Well, my lucky day! Market Pantry boxes of mac and cheese are 52 cents a piece. Every time you buy prints out ANOTHER coupon!! I went back and did this four times. I got 12 boxes of mac and cheese for 24 cents!! Try buying a couple of boxes, it should print you out the coupon and then you can go back and forth getting more every time!! (See below for update)

Uncle Ben's bags of Long Grain Rice are $1.27 each, the coupon from an insert a couple weeks back for $1 off a BOX of Uncle Ben's Long Grain rice worked on these! I wasn't sure it would work, but I tried it on one, and it did! Luckily with buying more than a few papers a week...I had 4 coupons!

Pepperidge Farm Fishy crackers in the 11 oz box are $2.50 each. (This is already a good price!) The coupon from a few weeks back for 55 cents off of any Pepperidge Farm baked naturals crackers works on these! $1.95 for a whole box is a KILLER deal!

Rimmel eye shadow is on sale for $2.24, use the $2 coupon that can be printed twice here...and get two shadows for 24 cents each!

My Alexia sweet potato fries were $2.24...of course I used my new coupons that you can find here. Print the coupon twice! $1.24 for for these is a GREAT price!

Also did the Suave deodorant deal found here. I got four FREE sticks of deodorant!

Use $1 off ANY size Tide detergent coupon from 11/28 P&G insert to buy the 97 cent travel three packs. (Found in the travel section) Look for the ones that say "valuable coupon inside". These come with ANOTHER coupon for $1 off any size! Just like with the Market Pantry can just keep going back for more and rolling your coupons!! I stocked up on a bunch and donating them, along with the deodorants, to a local woman's homeless shelter. (Just as an update...its a week later...and I am STILL rolling my coupons from this:) Works over and over again! I love it!)

***UPDATE 12/5*** I went to Target again today, and use my $1.50 off three Market pantry products coupon, and it did not print me another I am not sure if the system was on to me, or if the promotion is over all together. Just a heads up!

What deals have found at Target this week???


  1. I want the eye shadows but my computer won't let me download the coupon printer! Gah!!! Great finds Katie!

  2. Oh no:( I wonder why?? I think I had that problem when I had Internet Explorer. I downloaded Fire Fox and I now can download all the coupon printers...but I do remember it not letting me for certain ones.

  3. oh good tip I'll have to try firefox!!

  4. Did you get it to work Sarah? I am not sure how things work with Macs...I don't have much experience. Like I said in the other post though, you both should email need to know so many people are having an issue!! They obviously need to change their formatting or data requirements!!