Thursday, December 30, 2010

CVS Mini-heist 12/30!! Paid $1.74 +tax for $21.97 worth of merchandise

So my husband needed some eggs (because I have been sick and I have not been doing very good on my grocery shopping:) So I decided to run to CVS and get a dozen. Their price wasn't great, but I knew they were on sale for $1.49, which for a drug store is not too bad. And of course when I said I was going to CVS to get eggs my husband said "OK, see you in a couple hours." He knows me too well :) Though I was gone 25 minutes, not a couple hours.I bought $21.97 worth of merchandise for $1.74. Not a huge heist...but the eggs alone were $1.50!

Here is what I did

First Transaction:
Tone body wash is $3.99 and you get $3 back in ECB. I lucked out and found one type of Ton body wash that was on clearance for $2.74!! I used the $1 off Tone coupon from
Paid $1.74 +tax and received $4 in ECB!! ($3 for the body wash $1 I earned for my Green Bag tag! Go here to read more on what a green bag tag incentive is)

Second Transaction:

One dozen eggs-$1.50
Faith Hill "True" perfume and body lotion set was originally $14.99, on clearance for $7.49
-Used $5 off coupon from November All You magazine (I have a free subscription)
-Used $4 ECB from first transaction. (She had to make the $3 ECB $2.98 because I was 2 cents short, it wasn't worth getting a filler for 2 cents. You can always just ask them to mark the ECB down. I rarely do this as its throwing away money...unless its something like 2 cents.)
Paid nothing out of pocket except for tax!!

I know that this was a transaction with some coupons and ECB's others might not have...but I am just sharing this to help you see how you can combine coupons and clearance deals to MAKE money:) After all...I only paid $1.74, and they gave me back $4 to spend how I wanted :) Go here to learn more on how to save money at CVS!

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  1. Great work! I'm just learning how to coupon CVS. So glad I read your blog!