Sunday, December 5, 2010

FREE and 24 cent games at Target!!!

In the Smart Source insert today there are two different coupons for $5 off Hasbro games. Here are a few HOT deals you can use with them. (And verified that they work...I just did it today!!)

Hungry Hippos travel game is $4.99, use the $5/1 coupon...FREE!!!

Pictureka Card game (found with travel games)-$5.24, use $5/1 coupon...only 24 cents!!

Trivial Pursuit card game (found with travel games)-$5.24, use $5/1 coupon...only 24 cents!!

Can you say stocking stuffers?!?! I do not have any kids old enough for these games, but I stocked up with getting six of them and will be dropping them in the Toys for Tots donation box tomorrow morning! What a great deal! Even if you have no one to give them to...use your coupons and donate the toys to one of the MANY organizations that need toys for needy children this year. What do you have to lose? We are so blessed...24 cents can go a long way for a child's Christmas:)

Go here AND here to see more deals I found at Target this week!!


  1. my target in olympia, wa said that I couldn't use the coupons bc they weren't for travel size even though I pointed out the coupon didn't exclude travel size! What should I do? Thanks!

  2. Well, hmm. This is a tough one. Did you talk to the manager or just the cashier? This really can be up to the manager whether to accept them or not. The manager has the right to reject any transaction or coupon at his or her discretion. HOWEVER...I wouldn't give up that easy:) Next time you go, make sure you go to a check out line with a young, male cashier. Why? Well, in my experience, the teenage boys seem to care the least whether or not a coupon is valid or not. Though this one TOTALLY is valid, and they should not be rejecting it, most of the young guys do not seem to care about rules or what not. They just seem to want to get their paycheck and go home:) Kind of mean to say...but I ALWAYS look for the young teenage boy cashier. If I cannot find one, I go to the youngest girl I can find.
    The only other option I can think of for you would be to try a different Target if you have one close by. But remember, go to the cashiers that look like they don't care ;)
    Sorry you had trouble with this one...really they should take it. There is nothing saying that it excludes trial size. Like I said though, managers hold the right to reject any coupon, customer, or transaction. So, bummer. I hope it works out for you next time! Let me know what happens!

  3. And coupons came off without it even alerting the register or making the cashier force it through. It took the coupon no problem and without question!

  4. It was the manager bc the girl cashier called her over. :( I will definitely try your tip and give it another shot tomorrow! Thanks!

  5. Also, are you buying JUST the games? And are you using a LOT of those coupons at once? Those tpyes of things I have noticed, draw attention to the coupons. Like I said, they should be accepting them anyways...but when you are using a lot of the coupons, or they are the only thing you are buying, it becomes a little more obvious.