Thursday, December 9, 2010

FREE full size bag of pet food!! Go fast!!

***Note*** The sign up no longer says its a coupon for a free full size bag. I am not sure if you will get a sample or a full bag...either way...its free!!

Purina One is giving away 25,000 FREE full size bags of dog and cat food!! Go here fast, like them on Facebook and get yours before they are gone!!!


  1. Good call Katie!! I'm all signed up! My dog appreciates it! :)

  2. Is it really a full size?!?! Last Purina sample I got was definitely a sample meal for my dog. Not that I'm complaining, it was FREE! But, I will be so excited to get a free FULL SIZE bag! :o)

  3. When I filled mine out, it said was going to be a coupon for a bag...did it say that for you? Oh never know what you will get anyways! I got an email from a free sample I signed up for WEEKS ago, saying they were not sending anyone anything because they had too many people ask for it. HA! Anyways...I guess its the thrill of the chase...never knowing what you will get!! :)