Saturday, November 20, 2010

1/20 Freebie Mailbox Check!!!

These were the FREE items in my mailbox today:

2011 Oriental Trading calendar. This really isn't anything too special...but it does have codes for each month to get a good percentage off orders. I do not really order from them though.

Garnier Anti-wrinkle Firming moisturizer sample. (Also came with $1 off coupon for any Garnier product.)

Garnier Ultra-lift free sample. (Also came with $1 off coupon for any Garnier product.)

Want to know how to get freebies and deals in your mailbox? (Usually they are better than what I got today:) ) Go here and see the freebie/deals of the week! Your one stop place for free samples. No annoying posts for freebies all day like the other blogs. (Unless its good enough to have its own post!!) I update these deals daily on the same link every week.

Hopefully some of you had a better mailbox day than I did today! What did you get FREE in your mailbox today?


  1. Give the Oriental Trading codes you aren't going to use to a teacher friend of yours. I used that site all the time when I was teaching.

  2. I will probably share them on my blog for anyone who wants them!! They are not person specific...I think they will work for anyone:) So hopefully lots of people can benefit:)