Friday, November 5, 2010

CHEAP Video Games for Christmas-Hurry! Sale ends tomorrow! is offering $20 off select WII games! This makes a lot of the kids games under $10! Great Christmas idea! Follow the link to see the current steals! Makes me wish we still had our WII!

WII Alice In Wonderland
WII The Princess and the Frog
WII Disney Princess Enchanted Journey

All $9.99 each!

WII Toy Story 3
WII Toy Store Mania
Both for $19.99!

Thank you For the Mommas for the heads up!


  1. I checked Amazon. Are those the only games they are offering with the $20 off, as far as you know? I tried to search the site and the For the Mommas site, but I didn't see any others. Just curious!

  2. The ones on that link were the only ones I know of. Mostly kid's stuff...