Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am Giving Away FREE Stuff!!

I am giving away a FREEBIE!! Here's the deal, I am giving away a coupon for a FREE Woolite All in One Carpet Cleaning Tool. ($12 value) Suggest my Facebook to your friends, either through sharing a link or "friend suggesting". Once they "like" my page, have them comment on my wall who sent them. For example: "Susie D. sent me!" I am not sure if we have any name repeats in the fan base, but this will help if so! If there is no last name, and we have a first name double, I will message those people to see which one sent them. For every person you send my way and they become a fan, you will get a chance in the drawing. There are not very many fans...so your chances are pretty big! The drawing will take place Sunday November 21st at 6 pm Pacific time. Good luck!

The winner will be notified via facebook, and I will then get your address to send the coupon:)

**This is for recruiting new friends...previous recruits do not count. Sorry:(


  1. Ok But when people say heather sent me it was heather howdyshell! I already have some that say they are going to do it! And Laura said she counts for me even though it was two weeks ago she liked you ;)

  2. ^^^ But probably a different Laura than me. Hehe. ^^^