Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Week's Coupons and Freebies!

These are the best freebies/deal so far for today. I may add some as the day goes keep checking back! Feel free to add links to deals or freebies that you find in the comment spot! 

Get a FREE small cup of coffee from 7-11 ! The coupon is on the second page, print only that page and save on ink....that first page would be killer with all that blue!
Get $1.00 off Coffee Mate coffee creamer! This could get you the small bottle for 50 cents during some sales! You can print the coupon twice.
Get a free pack of gum from Extra! Follow the link and "like" them on Facebook. Then click on the "Free Gum" tab! I just got mine yesterday...its a full pack.

Free Tom's Toothpaste  from Walmart.

Free Renuzit air freshener cones! Follow the link and "like" them on Facebook. You can print the $1 off coupon twice. Most stores sell these for $1, and some even less!

Free bag of chips! "Like" Food Should Taste Good, fill out your info, and they will mail you a coupon for a free bag of chips! I have seen these chips at Albertsons, Ralphs, and Vons so I am assuming most grocery stores have them. Try the sweet potato chips! They are SO yummy!!

Get FREE noodles plus a book of  high value coupons. Become a member of Anthony's Pasta's website and you will receive one coupon for a FREE pack of noodles plus the coupon book sent to your home.

**Added 11/5**
Free sample of Lactaid Fast Act. Follow this link.

Free sample of Burt's Bees natural toothpaste +$1 off coupon here.

**Added 11/6**
Free sample of True Lemon flavoring! Flavor your tea, water, or sodas with these convenient little pouches .Follow this link.


  1. FYI, the Anthony's Pasta is only for Arizona/California. When I tried to sign up as a member, it didn't let me enter Michigan for my address. So, I'm assuming they are limited to that region. Just so your blog readers know! :o)

  2. Haha, so you already knew the above. Sorry. :o)

    Thank you for your tips on Rite Aid! I was going to go to the store today, but now I'm not going to. :o) I'm getting really excited about starting in couponing since I definitely need the savings! Right now I am struggling figuring out how to organize before I go all out and buy a binder and the baseball card inserts. I just don't feel ready to do that since I have yet to make my first couponing shopping trip. Also, following your advice and the instructions on the Krazy Coupon Lady site, I am trying to find a newspaper for under $3 a week (Sunday-only). I have contacted the local paper and the Detroit Free Press, but to no avail! The DFP is about $3.40 a week (and I would want to get several copies, I'm told). That just sounds like way too much! My local Coldwater paper has a WeekEnd paper, but they do not do one day only subscriptions. I am *NOT* buying it every day. Do you subscribe, or do you buy it retail? I have to think I can find the DFP for cheaper at a retail location! I'm thinking $1.50 a week per paper sounds about right...much cheaper than the mail-order of $3.40 a week. Ugh. Do you have any extra tips or advice on either the newspapers or the organizing the coupons prior to getting a binder?

  3. Laura,
    I do have a weekend paper subscription, but once the super good 6 month deal I got on it runs out, I am canceling it. I pay $7 a month for weekend papers.
    Here is the good news: the Dollar Tree sells Sunday news papers for $1 !!! How they can do that, I do not know. The price on the paper even says more than that. But hey "Everything's a dollar" right? :) If you do not live near a Dollar Tree, I would check around at other dollar stores, maybe even call. I usually get three papers a week, but then again I am a coupon-a-holic, but I MORE than make up for what I paid.
    You are right, you will need to figure out the whole couponing thing before you go super crazy over it:) I had to start out small. I started out doing just one heist trip a week to CVS. Then once I understood the ins and outs, I added Walgreens, then Rite Aid. Now it is second nature. Start out slow...if you overwhelm yourself you will get frustrated.
    Before I did the binder I kept my coupons in a coupon organizer. It looks like a wallet and has about 13 dividers. Label the dividers according to areas of the store. You can get the dividers at Walmart or Target. Also there are some wallet size dividers like that in the office supply section of those stores...they are just not called coupon organizers.

  4. I saw on one site, I think it may have been, that you can get a free coffee from Burger King, too. I'll see if I can find it again.

  5. Haha, never mind I was just looking for your Target post and saw you already know about Burger King. :)

  6. :) No problem! Love the suggestions! Keep them coming!