Monday, November 8, 2010

Freebie Mailbox Check for 11/8!!

It was a great day for me in freebies!

-I got my free Neti-pot! So if you ordered yours a few weeks back, it should be coming soon:)
-A free sample of Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Such a cute little bottle!
-A free Diamond Dazzle stick (used to clean jewelry)
-A coupon book for Barilla Plus Pasta that included a coupon for ONE FREE BOX, as well as three coupons for B1 G1 free!
-Also coupon for a FREE package of Yoplait Yogurt smoothies, that came with ten additional $1.25 off coupons!

See why I always say that the best coupons come in free samples?? Today alone I received two coupons for COMPLETELY FREE full size products from the store!

What was in your mailbox today?

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