Friday, November 19, 2010

MMMMmmmm I love baking!!

I usually do not post things like what I bake on my blog, but I was in a baking mood and decided to share! Today I made chocolate chunk cookies as well as Rice Krispie treats. I did a little twist on the Krispie treats though! I mixed the chocolate Rice Krispies with equal parts regular. I also waiting for them to cool slightly and then pushed some pretzel M&Ms on top to give it some pretty Christmas color and add a little extra chocolate, crunchy kick! If you put them in while the bars are still a little soft, they will harden around them M&Ms. (But you don't want to put them in when its still warm enough to melt the M&Ms) They look SOO yummy!

What's your favorite goody to make at Christmas time? My favorite in my mom's M&M cookie recipe or Chocolate mint cookies!! mmm....its beginning to taste a lot like Christmas!!

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