Thursday, November 18, 2010

Second Target Trip! Spent $22.60, brought home $60.59 worth of items!!

After doing some research this morning, I decided to make a second Target trip today. There were some super good deals I could not pass up on! It paid off for sure! I am not going to tell you exactly what I got, you can see that in the picture. I will tell you the coupon match ups though.

I spent $22.60 + tax out of pocket for $60.59 worth of items! I saved $37.99!! That's 63% in savings. With purchasing 25 things, I spent less than $1 an item. I also walked away with a $5 Target gift card for my next visit!

Pringles are on sale for $1.34 (Even cheaper than advertised after they were rung up!)
Use save $1/3 regular Pringles coupon or $1/2 for whole grain Pringles (From previous newspaper inserts)

Wishbone dressing is on sale for $1.67 each
Use 75 cents off Wishbone Target coupon found at
Combine with 50 cents off coupon found by signing up for free here
*Both coupons can be printed TWICE, so buy two! This makes each one 42 cents each!!

Campbells condensed cream of mushroom soup and cream of chicken soup are on sale for 50 cents
Buy two and use 40 cents off two coupon from previous newspaper inserts (There are lost of coupons out there for Campbells, just be careful that it matches the produt.) This makes them 30 cents each! I would have stocked up on more for baking if I had more than one of those coupons.

Starkist Tuna poches are on sale for 91 cents each
Use 55 cents off one coupon from previous newspaper inserts

Green Valley Steamfresh veggies are on sale from a range of $1-$1.79 each.
Use 50 cents off one found here
Or 50 cents off two coupon from

Nestle refrigerated cookie dough is on sale for $1.97
Use Nestle cookie dough $1 off coupons from previous news paper inserts or or
Every time you buy one, you will get a printed out coupon for another $1 off. This is a Target coupon and can be combined with the manufacturer's coupon...that means another one would be free when you stack the coupons!!

Olay Body Wash is on sale for $5.04
Also buy a travel size Secret deodorant for 97 cents
Use get $5 off Olay body wash when you purchase ANY secret deodorant from a previous newspaper insert. You pay $1.4 for both!!

Triaminic children's medicine is 5.04 each
From my previous shopping trip, I had a coupon that printed out on the Catalina for $3 off this product. It was a manufacturer's coupon, not a Target coupon, so I could not combine with any other coupons. However, $2.04 for a bottle of children's pain medication is an AWESOME price! Hopefully you will be lucky enough to get a coupon printed out too!

Reynolds slow cooker liners are on sale for $1.60 each. I love these things!! I have minimal clean up after cooking in the slow cooker. Nothing better...cooks itself all day, then you pull the bag out after and PRESTO! Its clean!!
Use $1 off  coupon from previous newspaper inserts
I also had one 50 cent off coupon for these that also printed out on my last visit. (So when stacked with the manufacturer's coupon, I got one box for 10 cents!! The 60 cents each even without that coupon is a steal though!)

Glade scented candles and select other products are $2.50 each. You buy FIVE and get a $5 Target gift card back!
Use two $1 off two Glade scented candles
They will be $10.50 cents after coupons, then you get $5 gift card back! (Making them around $1 each!)

Remember to bring your own bags!! I saved 20 cents this trip for bringing and using four reusable bags.

Also remember to use your Target check card! I saved $1.13 this trip using my check card!

If you want to see the deals I saw on my previous shop, you can see them here.

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