Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here's a good coupon for Rite Aid Next Week! Plan Ahead!

Here is a high value coupon for Nivea Men's body wash. It will be $4 next week at Rite Aid, with $1 back in +UP rewards...making it free!! Print it now, the coupon may not last. I could not find the direct link to the coupon, so go through this site. Its also a good site to "like" on Facebook. They have pretty good deal ideas from time to time.

You can print the coupon twice. Do two transactions, rolld the +UP reward from the first to the second:)


  1. Apparently you need to print the coupon immediately when you find it? Every link I've found for this so far has no coupon available. This is one I'd definitely use. Does that ever happen to you?

  2. Laura, did it take you to the page that says "print coupon?" I printed it the max amount already, so I cannot check it for you, but it does take me to the print page. Sorry you are having trouble:(