Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rite Aid Heist Week of 11/14-spent $8.19, brought home $77.90 worth of items!!

Great week! Stock up prices at Rite Aid!

**First thing you want to do this week is print the coupon under the November Video Values to receive the $100+ coupon book from the Rite Aid pharmacy.  This book will NOT be given out without the coupon, unless you pay for the flu shot. Watch the short video, then print the coupon. You will give it to the pharmacist, and they will give you your coupon book. (Note, these are manufacturer's coupons...NOT Rite Aid coupons, so they may not be combined with other manufacturer's coupons.)

First transaction:
2-Huggies Pure and Natural diapers. (The size one is a baby shower gift...relax. No babies on the way!!) (On sale for $8.99, reg. $11.99)
1-Herbal Essence bottle of mousse (Sale for $2.99, Reg. $4.49)
1-Aussie extra hold hairspray (Sale for $2.99, Reg. $4.99)
1-Aussie light hold hairspray (Sale for $2.99, Reg $4.99)
-Use $5 off $25 purchase Rite Aid coupon FIRST. Go here to find out how to get yours.
-Use $3 off one Huggies Pure and Natural diapers, found at,, or (I have heard rumors that these are hard to find now. Always worth a try though!)
-Use 3 $1 off Aussie or Herbal Essence coupons from the P&G coupon book. Go here to find out how to get yours. If you do not have the booklet, use 50 cents off one Herbal Essence or Aussie product from coupon inserts 11/14. (Will not be as cheap as my deal.)
-Use $1 off any non prescription purchase from October video values. (Go here to learn more on how to do video values. If you did not already do your October Video cannot get this coupon. There are however some in the November Video Values.)
-Use $5 +UP rewards left over from last week! (If you are doing different deals than I, you may not have this left over. So your total will be more.)

Pay $6.95 + tax out of pocket. Receive $12 in +UP rewards!
$3 +UP rewards each for the diapers.
$2.00 +UP rewards each for the hair products.

Second Transaction:

1-Gain 32 load laundry detergent (On sale for $4.99, Reg. $8.99)
2-Boxes of Fiber One bars (On sale for $2.00, Reg. $3.99)
4-Boxes of assorted Cheerios (On sale for $2.00, Reg. $4.79)
2-Packages of Starburst Gummi Bursts (This was a filler item. Remember, your pretax total must be more than the +UP rewards to be able to use them.)
-Use save 50 cents on one Fiber One box
-Use $1.00 off Fiber One box from Rite Aid flu shot coupon book
-Use 2 $1 off two boxes of cheerios. (These can be found ALL OVER the place, paper and printed coupons.)
-Use $1 off assorted breakfast cereals coupon from October Video Values (see above)
-Use $1 off Gain detergent coupon (From newspaper inserts last month, or from the P&G coupon booklet)
-Use Buy 1 Get 1 Free Startburst Gummi Burst coupon. (No longer available)
-USE $12 in +UP rewards from 1st transaction!

Pay 37 cents + tax out of pocket, receive $4 in +UP rewards
$1 + UP reward per 2 Cheerios bought
$1 +UP reward per 2 Fiber Ones bought
$1 +UP rewards for Gain detergent

Third Transaction:

1-Bounty 8 pack of paper towels (On sale for $4.99, Reg. $7.99)
2-packs of Starbursts Gummi Bursts (Filler item, 88 cents each. Remember, your purchase has to be more than the amount of +UP rewards being used. Even though mine was a penny short, still needed a filler.)
-Use $1 off coupon for Bounty towels found in the P&G coupon book. If you do not have this book, there is a 50 cent off Bounty coupon from the October P&G newspaper insert. (If you use the 50 cent off will not need a filler.)
-Use Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon on the gummis. (No longer available.)

Pay 87 cents out of pocket, and receive $1 +UP reward (Save it for next time! )
$1 +UP reward is from the Bounty paper towel.

***Added 11/14***

I have already done my Rite Aid Heist, but I wanted to pass on some good news! It has been confirmed that there is an advertised +UP reward that is incorrect, and working in OUR favor! Blistex is advertised as 2 for $3 ($1.50 each) with $1 +UP reward back when you buy two. Well, as I said, it has been confirmed that the system is printing out $1 +UP reward for EACH Blistex purchased!!

Deal idea:
Buy 2 Blistex ($3)
Use $1 off 2 Blistex coupon from 11/14 Smart Source
Pay $2 out of pocket, receive $2 in +UP rewards=FREE!!!
There is no you can keep rolling those +UP rewards!
(Thanks to Maven of Savin' for the heads up!)

Let me know if you have any questions!! :) Also, comment if you find any other great deals at Rite Aid! Remember, I am a test market, so I get these deals before you. Most Rite Aids will not have these deals until 11/14.

Go here for more tips and tricks to shopping at Rite Aid.

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