Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Talk About Target

I *heart* Target. I really do. The problem with Target is that its usually a little more pricey on groceries, hygiene, cleaning, and basically anything but clothes. There are however some clever tricks to getting the most out of your Target shopping! Here are my favorites:

Did you know Target has printable coupons? You can go here and print out a great assortment of coupons! If the coupon says "store coupon" or "Target coupon" then you can use it AT THE SAME TIME with a manufacturer's coupon for double the savings! Once again though, only print what you need. Do not get into the habit of printing coupons just because you "might" buy the product. This wastes ink and paper and has an adverse affect on your savings.

Get a Target check card!! This is NOT a credit card. I do not believe in credit cards, so I would never suggest you get one if that was the case. The Target check card is simply a debit card that links to your bank account. You have a pin number, can get cash back at Target, and it comes directly out of your bank account. The check card can only be used at Target. The sweet part is you save 5% off EVERY transaction when you use the card! Target just recently changed the program to do this, and I have LOVED it! 5% off of anything, including groceries. Also, for an added bonus, you can register your card on the Target website and 1% of EVERY purchase will go toward the school of your choice! Great be way to contribute for free! Since Ryan is not school age yet, I have my contributions going to the school I graduated from. You can sign up for the card in store. It only takes a few minutes and everyone is approved. You also can sign up online. DO NOT get the credit card. Credit cards are evil and unnecessary. Their APR is also outrageous.

Bring your own bags. Target recently started a program that for every bag you bring in and is used for your items, you get 5 cents off. Not really a huge amount of money, but who else pays you to bring in your own stuff?? I always use reusable bags any way, so this is just a cool freebie for me.

Shop the end caps. Target keeps pretty much all of their clearance items on their end caps. Usually they are the ones opposite the main aisle. When I go to Target I always cruise around the outside perimeters first to check out the clearance. The best clearance end caps in my experience are the baby clearance and the health and beauty clearance. You can use coupons on clearance items at Target! This can often lead to free items! (For instance, a few weeks back my Target had a three pack of Secret deodorant on clearance for $1.87 I had a save $1/1 Secret product coupon. I got three stick of deodorant for 87 cents!)

Target also runs gift card incentive programs. For instance, if you buy two packs of 70 Pampers, get a $5 gift card. Pay attention. Sometimes these deals really are not worth it. However, when used with a sale and coupons, the free gift card can be a good incentive. Just shop smart.

**Added 11/3***
Target will NOT take competitor's coupons, however they WILL match competitor's prices! This can come in really handy with the gift card incentives. You will have to bring in an ad, or go to the service desk and have them call the other store. Its kind of a pain. I would only do it if its a big difference or on a high ticket item. Having them call and match the price for 10 cents off fruit snacks probably is not worth your time. :)

Let me know if you have any Target questions! I will be happy to answer them. If I do not know the answer, I will find out for you:)


  1. I don't understand how you get a Target gift card. Is it like the up reward from Rite Aid?

  2. Insightful! I'm definitely going to start printing coupons and looking more into the Target Check card! Thanks Katie!

  3. Nita, with the gift card incentives, when you check out and meet the criteria for the free gift card, the cashier will be prompted to activate a gift card for you. At the end of the transaction you will be handed the gift card. Its that easy!

    But like I said...this often is really not that great of a deal unless you have coupons to bring the price down. People just hear "free" and think its a good deal. Target's items are often already marked up, so its not such a great deal. There are some good ones out there though!

  4. So, is the criteria to qualify for a free gift card found in the ad or is it just a lucky guess? lol Sorry, I am probably your slowest follower. I'm behind the pack!!

  5. Nita, it will be in the ads most of the time as well as a display tag in the store. Just like with all stores and sales, not everything fits in the ad, so look on the shelves too! Usually the shelf tag will have a gifts card image on it. Read the tag carefully though to see what the criteria is.