Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rite Aid Heist week of 11/21: Spent $14.54 for $83.76 worth of items!!!

Holy-moly did I get a lot today! Took care of some Christmas presents and stocking stuffers, as well as picked up some things to donate to our local food pantry.

I spent $14.54 + tax for $83.76 worth of items, meaning I saved 82%!!! I brought home 25 items, meaning I spent 58 cents an item!

The savings will vary on some of these items by store, since some of the items I purchased were from the clearance spot.

First Transaction:
1-Planter's Nutrition Nuts (One sale for $3.99, Reg $6.99-yikes!)
2-Betty Crocker potatoes, any variety (On sale for $1.50, Reg $2.29. These are for the food pantry.)
2-Boxes of Clairol Grey Solutions hair color (On sale for $8.99, Reg $9.99)
-Use $5/$25 purchase coupon FIRST
-use 50 cents off Planter's Nuts from Rite Aid coupon booklet (You have to do the Rite Aid Video Values for the coupon for the free coupon book.)
-Use 50 cents off 2 Betty Crocker potatoes from previous newspaper inserts
-Use Video Values $1/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes.
-Use 2 $2 off any Clairol Family product from previous newspaper inserts

Pay $13.97 out of pocket, receive $13 in total +UP Rewards back
$5 +Up for each Clairol Grey Solutions color
$2 +UP for Planter's Nuts (Select varieties)
$1 +UP when you buy 2 Betty Crocker potato products.

Transaction 2:

2-Gallow Family Chardonnay bottles (On Clearance for $1, Reg. $3.50 each)
9-Packages of Nissen microwave noodle meals (Sale for $1, Reg $1.29 each) (This is also for the food pantry.)
2-Boxes of Kotex Tampons (or pads) (Sale for $3.00, Reg $3.99 each)
2-"The Baggler" as seen on TV (This is for my MIL for Christmas! Her house is WAY far away from her driveway and always comments on how hard it is to carry groceries PERFECT clearance find!!) (On clearance for $1, Reg. $3.99 each!!)
-Use 3 $1 off 3 Nissen noodle products from previous news paper inserts
-Use $1.50 off 2 Kotex products from previous news paper inserts
-Use $13 in +UP rewards from first transaction

Pay 50 cents +tax out of pocket, receive $5 in +UP rewards back
$2 +UP for every 4 Nissen noodle product you buy.
$1 +UP for every 2 Kotex products you buy

Third Transaction:
This one you can really buy anything you feel you need...I used mine on Christmas presents and stocking stuffers.

1-Peeps Christmas trees (Sales 50 cents, reg 99 cents)
1-Bottle of Chardonnay same as above (Clearance $1, Reg $3.50)
1-Bag of Milano cookies (Sale $1.99, Reg $3.39)
2-Bags of Chex Mix (Reg $2.99, sale was B1G1 Free)
2-Boxes of Haviland Chocolates (Reg $1.59 each, sale B1G1 Free)
-Use $1 off Pepperige Farm cookies found here
-Use 2 50 cents off one Chex Mix bag coupon from previous newspaper inserts
-Use $5 in +UP rewards from second transaction (I found a $1 +UP reward in my I had $6 in +UP for this transaction!!)

Pay 7 cents out of pocket. AND my Wellness Card printed out a 10% off shopping trip coupon for my next heist!! woohoo! (These print out every 125 points you earn I believe.)

There are a couple other GREAT deals that I did not have the coupon for, or just really did not need!

Hormel Bacon Bits 2/$3
get $1 +UP reward wyb 2
$0.50/1 Hormel Bacon Bits Rite Aid Video Values
2/$1.50 = $0.75 each after coupon and +UP

Pert Plus Shampoo $2.99
get $1.50 +UP reward
$1/1 Pert Plus 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 10/17/2010 SS Insert (exp 11/30/2010)
$0.49 after coupon and +UP

LaBella Gel $2.99
get $1.50 +UP reward
$2/1 LaBella Gel or Syling Item Rite Aid Video Values (I couldn't find this coupon?)
better than FREE after coupon and +UP

There are SO many more deals, match your coupons with your sales!

For tips and tricks for shopping at Rite Aid see this post!

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