Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's the Deal With Walgreen's?

Walgreen's is probably the simplest of the drug stores. They do not have a frequent shopper's card. Their ads run Sunday to Saturday.

Walgreen's has a monthly coupon booklet that is located at the front of the store. GRAB ONE! These are store coupons and CAN be combined with manufacturer's coupons!

They also have store coupons in the ads. Sometimes these are GREAT coupons. These are also store coupons and can be combines with manufacturer's coupons.

Walgreen's has what is called Register Rewards. Every week they run sales that include Register Rewards back. These print out on a separate piece of paper from your receipt AFTER you have made the qualifying purchase. Register Rewards are to be used on future purchases. They are spent kind of like cash. (They are about the same as CVS' Extra Bucks and Rite Aid's +UP rewards.) The one tricky thing to remember about Register Rewards: If you are purchasing an item that will GIVE you Register Rewards, you can only use ONE register reward from a previous purchase to get that item. VERY confusing. Let me tell you an example. Tonight I went to Walgreen's with 3 different Register Rewards. I was purchasing the Zarbee cough syrup, which would give me $6 in Register Rewards back. The computer would only let me use ONE of the Register Reward coupons to purchase the item. In other words, you cannot keep rolling and rolling Register Rewards like you can with +Up Rewards at Rite Aid.

That was so confusing to write, and I am sure even more confusing to read. Let me know if you need help understanding still. Other than that small factor, Walgreen's is a fairly simple shop.

***Added 11/10***
OK, I was re trained on Walgreen's coupon policy by the ever so sweet (HA!) store manager of my now previous store. (Don't ask) Walgreen's will only accept ONE manufacturer's coupon PER item. Rite Aid's register rewards count as manufacturer's coupons. So count your coupons, and count your items. If you have more coupons than items...then better find some padding for your transaction. (25 cent Sixlets work great haha) 


  1. So basically, if you wanted to use 3 register rewards you have to do 3 transactions, right?

  2. OK, this is where it gets REALLY confusing. IF you are only getting an item that will GIVE you a Register Reward BACK, then you can only use one Register Reward. If you have more items in your transaction, you can use ONE Register Reward per item. Very confusing. I know.

    For instance, this week with the razors and getting $3 RR back. You can only use ONE register reward coupon for this item. Now if you were buying the razors, the sugar, and some shampoo, you can use THREE Register Rewards.

    Does that make sense?

  3. OK wait. I was just "schooled" in the Walgreen's coupon rules this morning by the store manager. Apparently I was "taking advantage of the system." LOL What I did not realize, is that the Register Rewards are considered "Manufacturer's coupons" and even state so on them. I always just figured they were like the +UP at Rite Aid and ECB at CVS. Apparently they are just regular old coupons on Walgreen's. Weird. So, you can only use ONE manufacturer's coupon PER item. So make sure you have a few items in your transaction that you are not using another coupon on.(25 cent Sixlets work just fine:) haha) So, just remember, count your items and count your manufacturer's coupons. (Walgreen's coupons are not manufacturer's coupons.) If you have less items than manufacturer's coupons, find the Sixlets in the candy isle. Hehe...if she wants to see taking advantage of the system...I will just be her best Sixlets customer EVER! LOL