Thursday, November 25, 2010

CVS Three Day Sale Heist!! Paid $6 for $94.50 worth of stuff!!!

The CVS sale runs from 11/25-11/27. Many of these items will go fast, as CVS is notorious for running out of stock on sales. Do your shop as early as you can! Might be good for some "After Turkey" exercise Thursday night:) There are  LOTS of deals, I am going to share with you the ones that I took part in, and tell you how I did it. I did seven transactions! Sounds crazy...but that's how I got it all so cheap;)

First Transaction:
2-Herbal Essence Hydrolicious product (Sale for $3.99, Reg $3.29)
-Use 2 $2 off any Clairol Family coupon from previous newspaper inserts

Pay $3.98 + tax out of pocket, receive $7.98 in ECB
$3.99 ECB for each Clairol item. Limit 2.

Second Transaction:

1-Phillip Ipod earbuds (Sale, $6.99, Reg $10.49)
1-CVS brand of Gummy Bears (99 cents)
-Use $7.98 in ECB from first transaction
Pay NOTHING out of pocket, except for tax. Receive $6.99 ECB
$6.99 ECB for Phillip earbuds, limit 1.

Third Transaction:

2-Colgate Sensitive 6 0Z toothpaste (Sale, $3.99, Reg. $4.99)
1-Gillette Odor Shield deodorant (Sale, $4.00, Reg. $5.79 YIKES!)
-Use 2 $1 off Colgate Sensitive coupon from previous newspaper inserts
-Use $2 off coupon for Gillette deodorant from previous newspaper inserts.
Pay 99 cents + tax out of pocket, receive $11.98 in ECB
$3.99 ECB for each Colgate Sensitive, $4.00 ECB for Gillette deodorant

Fourth Transaction:

2-Renpure Organix hair products (Sale, $4.99, Reg. $6.99 These products are AWESOME! Watch out for the ones that have the "try it free" hang tags. You can send in your receipt for a FULL PRICE rebate!! I got two with hang I will get $9.98 back...that's more than I spent for the WHOLE SHOPPING DAY!! haha!)
1-Three Musketeers King Size (Sales $1.59, Reg $1.69)
1-Reese's Big Cup (sale .79, Reg .89)
-Use $11.98 ECB from Third transaction
Pay .38 + Tax, Receive $12.38 in ECB
$4.99 ECB for each Renpure Organix, .79 ECB for single Reeses, $1.59 ECB for Mars King Size candy bars

Fifth Transaction:

2- Listerine pocket packs, 3 pack (Sale $2.99 each, Reg. $4.49
1-Eucerine 8.4 OZ daily skin renewal lotion (Reg $6.99 YIKES!)
-Use $1 off Eucerine coupon from previous newspaper inserts
-Use $12.38 in ECB from fourth transaction
Pay zero dollars out of pocket except tax. (You may want to grab something for like 50 cents to pad your transaction. Mine ended up going negative, which the cashier did not notice until I paid. By then it was too late. You are not allowed to do that with ECB. So, grab some cheap clearance candy or something to pad you up to the $12.38 before tax.) Get $12.97 back in ECB
Get $2.99 back for each  Listerine
Get $6.99 back from the Eucerine.

Sixth Transaction:

1-Xtra laundry detergent (Sale $1.99, Reg $2.99)
1 4pc spa set (Sale $9.88, Reg $14.99)
1 Reese Big Cup (Sale .79, Reg .89)
1 Advil PM 4 count (Reg 99 cents)
-Use $12.38 ECB from fifth transaction
Pay .68 out of pocket +tax, Receive $7.79 in ECB
$1 ECB for Advil PM, $5 ECB for spa set, .79 ECB for Reese Big cup, $1.00 ECB for Xtra

Seventh Transaction:

I used this transaction to buy what I needed. I happened to need a large grill lighter for our turkey fryer, milk, and eggs. Check out your CVS clearance section!! There were a lot of good stuff in mine, but I wanted to use the ECB for needs.
Used sixth transaction ECB, only paid .28 cents out of pocket.

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