Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Good Deals at Target Week of 11/14

So most of you know that I am not a fan of Target other than for clothes and toys. Especially the groceries. Please. Do not ever buy groceries at Target UNLESS its a super good sale or Armageddon has begun and Target is the only store that is still in existence. I mean really, bananas 19 cents PER banana? Or lettuce for $3.49 a bag? Anyways...enough of my for the good deals I saw there today.

Grade A large eggs- 99 cents for a dozen. That's a really good price!

5 LB bag of Gold Medal whole wheat flour- $2.87 (That's expensive for regular flour, but not for whole wheat flour! Its hard to find it that cheap, and I try to only use whole wheat flour.)

Select Del Monte canned vegetables 45 cents each (stock up price!)

Alexia sweet potato fries- $2.59 a bag!! This is for the plain sweet potato only. Buy two and use the two coupons you can print for $1 off for liking them on Facebook. $1.59 a bag for sweet potato fries is a pretty "Sweet" deal:)

Here's a really good one, but you need to do two transactions. Nestle refrigerated cookie dough is on sale for $1.96. Buy one, and use on $1 off coupon found here (Print it twice, because you will need two)
Pay 96 cents, get a print out "catalina" coupon for $1 off Nestle cookie dough. (This is a Target coupon)
Buy one more package of Nestle refrigerated cookie dough, use another $1 off printed coupon along with the $1 off Target coupon that printed in first transaction, and you will get the second package free:)
2 packs of Nestle cookie dough for 96 cents!

Folgers 33 ounce ground coffee tubs on sale for $6.49, use $1 off coupon from a previous newspaper insert

Remember to bring your own bags! 5 cents off per bag used! Not a lot, but tonight I brought 4 and got 20 cents off...better then nothing!

Also remember to sign up for the Target check card (NOT the credit card). Get 5% off every purchase! I spent under $20 tonight and saved over $1 for using my card. It links directly to your checking account, just like a debit card. No fees, no APR. Its totally worth it!


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  2. Dont forget $5 serving platters for Thanksgiving!