Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Deals I Found This Week at Vons/Safeway

This segment of my blog will be tough, because I know a lot of my followers are from the eastern half of the US and we do not share a lot of the same grocery stores. I want to share my good finds with other west coast readers, and hopefully my east coast and mid west fans can still learn something from them.

Here is what I found to be a good deal at Vons:

Eating Right boneless skinless chicken breast is $1.97/lb. These come in about packs of five. These are fresh and not frozen. I broke up the packages and separated them into amounts that I use at one time, and put them in freezer bags. I will be able to just pull a bag out of the freezer when I need it.

In ad coupon for Renuzit air freshener cones for 88 cents.
-Use in ad coupon + print two copies of this coupon for "liking" Renuzit on Facebook. (This will actually make them free, plus 12 cents overage to go towards your other groceries.

Healthy Choice frozen entrees are $2 each.
-Use $1/2 coupon for Smart Source insert. 10/7. Or buy here.

Betty Crocker Cake mix in ad coupon for 88 cents each.
-Use in ad coupon + save 75 cents on two from insert on 10/3.

In ad coupon for Anthony's pasta for 88 cents each.
-Use save 75 cents/2 coupon from Anthony's promotion. (If you have not signed up already, it will be too late to get this deal. However, sign up to be a member of their site and they will mail you one coupon for FREE speghetti noodles in addition to a book of other Anthony's product coupons. FREE NOODLES!!)
**A gracious friend just informed me that this Anthony's freebie promotion only works if you live in California or Arizona. :( Bummer.

Broccoli Crowns are 79 cents/Lb

These were the purchases that stood out to me. There may be other deals, but these were the one I took part in. Remember that any ad has the possibility of only being regional, so check with your ad to see if the deals are the same.

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