Sunday, November 7, 2010

Money Saving Tips for Printing Coupons

Printing coupons can be pretty rough on the ink and paper supply! Here are some tips that I have learned in my last few month of couponing:

1. ONLY PRINT WHAT YOU KNOW YOU WILL USE! I cannot stress this enough. Do not print a coupon because it "looks like something I might get someday." Print only after you have planned your store trips, and KNOW you will be using the coupon.

2. Use "previously used" paper! I have only used probably ten sheets of our own paper in the last month by doing this. I use junk mail, old school papers, ANYTHING that has a blank side to it. You only need one side, right? I have a stack of used paper next to my computer to put in my printer for coupons. (Just be careful that you do not use a document that has ANY of your personal information on it. Those you shred and throw away.)

3. Set your printer to print only in black and white. Colored ink runs out faster and costs more to replace. I have my color turned completely off. You can always turn it back on again if you have a document you need to print in color. Until then, use black. You do not need your coupons in color. Not to mention all the ANNOYING ads that sometimes print under a coupon. UGH! I hate those. What a waste of paper and ink! Do yourself a favor, print the annoying ad in black. :)

4. This is really not a a money saving tip, but a saving the environment tip. Please recycle your newspapers and coupon clippings. Every Sunday I have a TON of left over paper from my coupon clipping. Recycle it!

5. Remember to use re-usable bags! With making trips to several different stores in one week, you will accumulate a TON of grocery bags. Invest in some good, sturdy re-usable grocery bags in various sizes. Its also helpful to get a couple of insulated bags for when you are making several stops in one trip.

Remember...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle whenever you can! Living a "frugal life" also means not wasting what God has given us!

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