Monday, November 15, 2010

Freebies and Deals, week of 11/15

***Added 11/15***

Get a free sample of Mist8 all purpose spray. I am not sure how long this will last, so go fast!

Get a free sample of Playtex Sport tampons. Remember that the best coupons come in free samples! :)

Get a $1 off coupon for Alexia by "liking" them on Facebook! These gourmet frozen french fries are sold at Target. My son LOVES the sweet potato fries! You can print the coupon twice.

Get $1 off coupon for Snuggle fabric softener and dryer sheets by "liking" them on Facebook. You can print twice.

Get a high value $2 off one Simple Green product! Does not expire until December 15th on my print out. You can print twice! This will pair up nicely with a sale I am sure! $2 off is a great coupon!

Print a coupon for Buy1 Get 1 free for the new Butterfingers Snackerz. I usually do not encourage printing coupons unless you are using them that shopping trip, but these Buy1 Get1 free candy coupons are great to have when you need padding for a transaction. If you do not see the coupon under "foods", use zipcode 90210.

Get a couple free issues of Family Circle magazine! This is not full subscription...a lot of times these magazines have great coupons!

***Added 11/16***

Get a free sample of Good Knight Naturals mosquito repellent cream! I am wondering how big of a sample this will be?? Sometimes these smaller companies send out full size samples!

***Added 11/17***

Get a free sample of Burt's Bees lotion! I love this stuff. I am sure it will probably come with coupons:) Like them on Facebook. Take the short quiz...then at the end "publish" what your skin is saying (You will see what I mean when you get there), then enter your information!

Free Glade Trash bag from Sam's Club. You have to have a membership. I do not have one. ( I may, or may not have made up numbers in the past;) )

$10 off coupon for Disney's new movie "Santa Paws!". This is for the Blue Ray/DVD combo pack!

Get a $5 off coupon for "The Last Air Bender" DVD/Blue Ray combo pack!

Free O.B. travel kit! This looks so cute:) I do not think it will last go fast!

***Added 11/18***

$3 off coupon for Veggie Tales new DVD "The Meaningful Life!"

Yankee Candle stores will be giving away one FREE votive candle per customer on Saturday 11/20 from 10 AM until 12 noon!!

"Like" Scotties Tissue on Facebook, and they will plant a tree on your behalf! Every "like" equals one tree! There is no reason not to click "like" just to help our environment!

FREE one year subscription to "American Baby" magazine! I have received this magazine since my 2nd month of pregnancy, over two years ago! I love it! It has great tips and coupons. has a coupon for 55 cents off of two dozen eggs...any brand!! Rarely are there coupons like this. If you do not see the coupon, use zip code 90210. If you still do not see it...its probably because they reached the print limit FAST! Go quick! And you can print it twice:)This week Walgreens AND Target have a dozen eggs for 99 cents! That means you can get two cartons for around $1.45!

***Added 11/19***

The $10 off Beauty and the Beast Blue Ray combo is back!! Get it here. Combine this coupon at Target this week (Combo pack will be $24.99) with the $5 off any Disney Blue Ray movie coupon that will be in this Sunday's (11/21) Target ad! You will get the movie for $10.00! That's a great deal! has an Ace hardware coupon for 50% off ANY purchase under $30 on 11/27 only!! Print the coupon twice, use it in two different transactions. This coupon will reach its limit quickly, so go fast!

***Added 11/20***

Here is a coupon for 25 FREE black and white copies at Office depot! Expires 12/1

Go here to get a free sample of Nature's Bounty Multivitamin Gummies!

$10 off $10 purchase at Hallmark coupon!! This is for mothers or expectant mothers. (Or you could just make up a "due date" :) I promise they won't give you a pregnancy test!

***Added 11/21***

Get a free sample of Dingo Rawhide Chews for your furry friend!

Print a coupon for $5 off ANY $5 purchase at Pet Smart! Expires 11/28.

Get a FREE sample of Fix Energy tea!

Get a FREE sample of Hearos Ear Plugs! Enter in your email address, then you will have to confirm it in your mail box. You get to choose your color:)


  1. I am having horrible problems printing coupons from They print, but the text is all garbled. I'm afraid cashiers might hesitate to honor the coupons because of this. Do you know of any sites to troubleshoot printing problems associated with coupon printers?

  2. hmm...have you tried seeing what your printer settings are on? You probably already know this, but there are usually several settings: high quality, standard, fast, and one other one I can't remember. If it is set to fast or below, this makes everything look very garbled. I have mine on standard. Other than that...I don't know? Is there a place on that has a "help" or "contact us" section? They may be able to help you more than I can. Let me know if you figure it out! Sorry I am not much help. :(