Friday, November 12, 2010

Freebie Mailbox Check of 11/12!!

WOAH! Huge day for my mailbox!!

Rebook (Free year subscription for filling out surveys)
Men's Fitness (Free year subscription for filling out surveys)
Martha Sewart Living (Free year subscription for filling out surveys)

Free Sample of Tide, that came with $1 off coupon
Free Glad Odor Shield garbage bag with $1 off coupon
Free package of Shirley J cooking sauce (full size package!!)

Coupon for a FREE full size bag of Food Should Taste Good potato chips
Coupon for $1.50 off Kandoo wipes
Coupon for 50 cents off Alexia potato products

P&G Solutions coupon book with over $110 in VERY high value coupons. This is an AWESOME coupon book!! $1 off so many items. (And most of them there is at least five of each coupon...great for stocking up!) You can get your coupon book by going here and printing the must purchase $50 worth of P&G products by a certain date...but that is SO easy! I did it in about a month!

My box was FULL! I love days like this...SO much better than bills!
What did you get free in YOUR mailbox today? Please share...we would love to hear!!

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