Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freebie Mailbox Check 11/18!!

You know what makes me laugh about this picture? The headlines "More Muscle, Less Fat!" then "Flat Sexy Abs!" Then a picture of cheesecake. hehe I prefer the third option:)

Today I received in my mailbox:

Cooking Light magazine
Muscle and Fitness magazine
Women's Health magazine
(All free subscriptions from filling out surveys)

A pretty pathetic little sample pack of Mariani Flavor sensations raisins (They sent it in a huge manila envelope...haha! It made me laugh.)

Tube of Tom's of Maine all natural tooth paste

If you are interested in finding out how YOU can get more free things in your mailbox, check out my latest freebie/deal posting. I have a new "freebie locater" post every week...that is updated daily. No more annoying posts every new deal like other blogs! I put it all in one post...unless its such a sweet deal I have to get it out immediately! Keep checking the weekly post every day for more freebies and deals!

What was in your mailbox today?? Remember the rule is, it has to be FREE or else a REALLY good deal you found!


  1. I always hate/love reading your posts on your mailbox checks because every day, I rush out to my mail box, so excited to check my mail. And then I'm SO disappointed because there is NOTHING good, cool, or free. Just bills. Ugh. I have to wait a few more weeks before the free stuff starts rolling in. :oP

  2. Yup. It took FOREVER for me to start getting things. I thought I must be doing something wrong or my mail man was stealing my freebies! HAHA...but they started coming eventually. Just keep filling things out! The best is when you fill something out, forget about it, then get it a month later! Its like Christmas in your mailbox:) You have been doing this...what...four weeks? They should start coming soon! But I still get some days where I get nothing other than bills either. It seems like all the cool stuff comes at once! :)

  3. It's been at least two or three weeks. Maybe not four yet. I sign up for probably a majority of the stuff you post, so hopefully soon! I was excited when I got my package the other day though. Mail is the highlight of my day. Man, I'm so lame. :o)

  4. HAHA! We are one in the same my friend...we have a very loud mail box and I can hear when the mail man puts mail in it. It takes everything out of me to wait until he walks away before going out there haha LAME!!