Monday, November 15, 2010

Walgreens Heist, week of 11/14: Spent $10.13 out of pocket, brought home $46.70 worth of merchandise

I will share MY deals with you for Walgreens this week, and then add some more that I did not participate in. Its a pretty good week this week! My total out of pocket really should have been $8.13. I did not realize a mistake on the M&Ms until I got home. I was charged $2 more than I should have been. should get this deal for $8.13 if you are using my same deals.

Transaction 1:

3-Gain dish soap (Reg $2.29)
1-Ecotrin 45 ct. pain reliever (Reg $3.79)
1-Kid-eeze cold medicine soft chews. (One sale for $4.99, unaware of Reg. price)
-Use 87 cent in ad coupon for Gain
-Use $1.00 off Gain coupon from last month's inserts, or if you have $1 coupons from the P&G rebate book.
(This makes them free!! Limit three.)
-Use in ad coupon to get Ecotrin for $2.00
-Use Ecotrin printable coupon for $2.00 off (This makes it free!!)
Pay $4.65 + tax out of pocket, Receive $5.00 in Register Rewards for the Kid-eeze (My cashier did not lower the $1 off Gain coupons to the 87 cent sale price. Most will...however mine did not. You may have $4.99 out of pocket.)

Second Transaction:

2-bags of Holiday Prezel M&Ms ($3.49 each, these were actually supposed to be $2.50 as well? I am taking my receipt back in tomorrow to ask why it charged me $1 more.)
2-bags of Holiday Mint M&Ms ($2.50 each)
-Use 2 $2 off Pretzel M&Ms coupon for liking them on Facebook (Can only print twice)
-Use $5 Register Rewards from first transaction
Pay $4.98 out of pocket (no tax on food), receive $5 Register Rewards for buying 4 bags of Holiday M&Ms. (My total really should have been $2.98. The Holiday M&Ms are advertised as 4 for $10...must buy 4)

Third Transaction:

3-boxes of 100 count Puffs tissue (Reg $1.79 each)
4-cans of Swanson chicken broth (Reg $1.59 each)
1-can of Comet cleaner (Reg $1.39)
1-can of French's Fried Onions (Reg $1.99)
1-roll of Scotch tape (Reg 99 cents)
1-carton of eggs (un advertised sale for 99 cents each!)
-Use in ad coupon for 89 cent Puffs (up to 100 count)
-Use 3 25 cents off coupons for Puffs from newspaper insert a few weeks back
-Use in ad coupon for 2/$1 Swanson's chicken broth
-Use coupon for $1 off 2 from previous newspaper insert
-Use in ad coupon for Comet for 50 cents
-Use in ad coupon for French's fried onions for 99 cents each
-Use 50 cents off 1 coupon for French's fried onions from previous newspaper insert
-Use in ad coupon for Scotch tap for 50 cents each
-Use $5 Register Rewards from second transaction
Pay 40 cents out of pocket + tax

Here are some other GREAT deals for Wag's this week:

Welch's sparkling grape juice, on sale for 2/$7
Use $1/2 coupon that is in the Wag's coupon book (ask for it at counter)
Use $2/2 coupon either from (Can print twice)
OR Use $2/2 coupon from 11/14 newspaper coupon insert
You will get 2 for $2 each!

NyQuil, Dayquil or  Sinex 2/$10, receive $5 Register rewards when you buy two
Use $4/1 Sinex coupons from previous newspaper inserrt
Or use $1.50 off NyQuil or Dayquil coupons from previous newspaper inserts
-Obviously a sweeter deal with the Sinex coupons! My Walgreens was already out of Sinex. I opted out of the deal.

Wisk laundry detergent $6.99, get back $2 in Register Rewards
Use $2 off coupon from previous newspaper insert
$2.99 after coupon and Register Rewards

I can't wait to bake holiday cookies with all of my M&Ms! The four bags of M&Ms would have normally cost what I spent on this whole trip! I love it! Have you found any other great deals at Walgreen's this week? Leave a comment! I would love to hear them:)

Go here for more tips and tricks on shopping at Walgreens!

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