Monday, November 15, 2010

Get Paid for Your Opinion...its for real!

I was always skeptical of those "paid survey" websites, until this year. I have found a couple of really good sites where I have earned gift cards, cash (I think a totaly of $37 since June. Not a lot...but its something!), and I also get to do product testing. If I qualify through a survey, they mail me a product with no name on it to test, then fill out the questionnaire. I get to use the product (sometimes its food, other times it has been hygiene items) and then I still get the points to go toward my monetary reward! Just two weeks ago I got a $10 gift code just for giving my opinion on words for a bra commercial! ha! Some of the surveys are longer (20 minutes) but sometimes they are just a quick five minute survey to see if you qualify for something bigger. I suggest you check it out! Here are my two favorite sites that I use

Survey Savvy


It takes a few minutes to sign up and set up your profile...then when you have time you can fill out the surveys they send you. No time that week? Don't fill them out! There is no minimum requirement, its all up to you! Every survey also gets you entered in drawings for monetary prizes as well as fun stuff like blue ray players.

Does anyone else have a good paid survey site they can share?


  1. Yes!! I've earned $50 in Amazon giftcards in the past 6 months or so at this one :

  2. Wow thanks for the tip April! I will check it out! Do you get referral credit??

  3. Okay, so I've signed up with both Survey Savvy and Synovate. Every time they tell me about a new survey, I am not in the right demographic for it! Does this get better or is this pretty normal?

  4. Laura, I get a few of those. It gets better as they figure out who you are:) Did you fill out all of the "Starter" surveys on synovate?? Go to your account, click on "my surveys" I think it is...and there is about 4 point earning surveys that will tell them more about you and then your surveys will be better picked for you.
    Survey savvy is hit or miss. Because most of those surveys are actual cash money paid (Though not much at a time!) they are usually more picky about the people that take them. Not saying you are not "worthy" just that they are looking for certain demographics. But keep trying! And synovate is where I earn the most money. The points add up fast! I actually just requested a check for $15...which was just from the points adding up for a couple months.
    Keep trying!

  5. Yeah, I did that on Synovate - I filled out all of the survey questions for me. Do they email you when they have surveys for you like Survey Savvy does, or do I need to check their site? I think Survey Savvy is the one that I've had 3-4 survey requests that resulted in me being in the wrong demographic. I'll stick it out, I was just making sure I wasn't doing anything wrong! :o)

  6. Yes, Synovate will email you when you have a survey:)