Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Walgreen's Heist Week of 10/31

This was a GREAT week for me at Walgreen's. I spent $6.10 and saved $32.31! This is partially due to the fact that I had some register rewards left over from last week. (That is all the more reason to make sure you hold on to them if you do not use them in the same trip!!)
Here is my long laundry list of items I got!

1-24 pack of Walgreen's bottled water (Reg. 3.99)
1-Box of Quaker instant oatmeal (Sale price of $2.50)
1-box of Domino confectioners sugar (Reg. $1.29)
1-box of pure cane light brown sugar (Reg. 99 cents)
2-bags of Ricola Vitamin C drops (Sale price 99 cents each)
3-8 oz cans of Hunt's tomato paste (Reg. 99 cents each)
1-16 oz coffee mate creamer (Reg. $2.49)
1-22 pack of Carefree pantie liner pads (Reg $1.99)
1-6 OZ tube of Crest Total Care tooth paste (Sale price $2.99)
1-bag of M&M's (Sale price 59 cents, this was a last minute filler)
1-Bottle of Zarbee's children's all natural cough syrup (Reg. $5.99)

Grand Total: $6.10 (Done in 3 transactions)

First Transaction:
Zarbees Cough Syrup
I used $2.60 I had in register rewards from last week
Paid $3.91 out of pocket, received $6.00 register rewards back

Second Transaction:
Crest Total Care tooth paste
bag of M&M's (for padding)
Used $1.00 Crest manufacturer's coupon (P&G 10/31)
Used $1.00 Crest coupon from Walgreen's coupon booklet
Used $1.00 in Register rewards from my last visit
Paid 75 cents out of pocket, received $1.00 Register reward

Third Transaction:
Walgreens Bottled Water (Plus $1.20 CRV)
Quaker oatmeal
Domino Confectioners Sugar
Domino Brown Sugar
Carefree Panty liners
2 bags of Ricola vitamin C drops
3 cans of Hunt's tomato sauce
1 bottle of Coffee Mate coffee creamer

~Used in add coupon to get bottled water for $2.49
Used Quaker coupon for 75 cents off
Used in ad coupon to receive Domino suger for 59 cents each
Used in ad coupon for Carefree panty liners for 99 cents each
Used Carefree $1 off coupon (Made it free)
Used Walgreen's coupon book coupon for 50 cents off Ricola bag
Used Ricola coupon for $1 off two bags
Used in add coupon to get Hunt's tomato sauce 3/$1
Used $6 register rewards from Zarbee cough syrup
Used $1 register reward from Crest tooth paste
Used $2 register reward from my last time in
Paid $1.44 out of pocket

VERY good week for me! Remember that a lot of this was because I walked in with $5.60 in register rewards from last week. Without my previous register rewards my total would have been $11.70, which is still not too bad! I probably would have chosen to leave some items out though. You can for sure do the Zarbee and Crest purchases (Don't forget to use the coupons) and get the items you need with the $7 in register rewards.

For details and tips on shopping at Walgreen's see this post.

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