Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CHEAP Diapers Next Week!! Stock Up Price!!

At Rite Aid next week Huggies jumbo packs will be on sale for $8.99 After purchase you will receive $3 in +UP rewards, making the purchase $5.99. Use any of the high value diaper coupons at,, and After coupon, could be as low as $2.99 per pack!! (For my son's size, those packs come around 23-27 diapers a pack. That will mean 11-13 cents a diaper! Pretty good deal!) There is nothing saying there is a limit on this, so possibly you could get a ton of diapers if you keep rolling them! A lot of you have been waiting to see how I get my diaper deals...well this is a good example!

Print your coupons NOW, when word gets out about this sale, they will reach the print limit quickly.

Thanks to For the Mommas for the heads up!!


  1. WHere are they going to be on sale?

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! I forgot to put what store!! Thank you Tori! haha...that is my mistake! I will add it now:)