Tuesday, November 2, 2010

*THIS* is Why You Should Sign Up for Free Samples

So today in my mailbox I got a home kitchen cleaning kit with wipes from Sam's Club (even though I am not a member, I still got to sign up for the free sample). A coupon for free Anthony's pasta that also came with a coupon booklet full of $1 off coupons. (With Von's 88 cent deal on Anthony's pasta this week...I will get to stock up for better than free! The overage can go towards the rest of my transaction. And I also got a full size Kashi granola bar with a $1 coupon.

See what I mean about getting the best things in the mail with free samples? The coupons along were worth the thirty seconds it took me to sign up! In the last three weeks alone I have received coupons for TOTALLY free: Cottonelle Wipes, Kandoo Wipes, Anthony's Pasta, and a 64 ounce bottle of Old Orchard juice. Literally these are coupons for full size items. The coupon says "one item free". (Still have to pay tax)

If you want to start doing free samples "like" these pages on Facebook. They will post the links to free samples. All you have to do is click and enter your address!!

Freebies 4 Mom
Free Samples
Deal Wise Mommy
For the Mommas

Plus it is fun to get some things in your mail box other than BILLS!!!

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