Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Best Deal so Far on Toy Story 3 +Sound of Music Deal

I have been doing some hunting around, and it seems like just simply purchasing Toy Story 3 at Target is the best deal. They have the cheapest DVD edition as well as the cheapest 4 disc DVD/Blue Ray combo pack.

Here's the good news! There is an $8 off coupons here for the DVD/Blue Ray combo pack! I am trying to buy the combo packs whenever possible, because I don't know when DVD's will become obsolete. So I try to buy the classic Disney with the Combo pack.
This will make the DVD/Blue Ray combo pack $16.99 at Target (Reg. $24.99) That's the same price to get the DVD, so eh...might as well!

Also, The Sound of Music Blue Ray combo pack comes out this week. $19.99 at Target plus here is a $2 off coupon. (Click on entertainment on the left hand side. If you do not see the coupon, use zip code 92123 or 90210)

*I don't know why the link for the $2 off coupon will not work. At any rate, just go to www.coupons.com and follow the previous directions for the Sound of Music coupon.

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