Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CVS Heist Week 10/31 number 2 (Not my best trip)

OK, I usually would only do ONE heist per store, per week, but this morning I found out about an unadvertised ECB deal, that made a pretty sweet trip! I wish I could have combined trips and rolled the extra bucks for all four transactions...would have been that much sweeter! Oh well.

For this trip:
1 Schick hydro 5 blade refill (which my hubby needed! Reg. 12.79)
1 Cold blaster all natural cold medicine (reg. 8.99)
4 cans of Whole Grain pringles (Reg. 2.09 each)
4 Zone Perfect cookie dough bars (Very yummy if you have not tried! Reg $1.59 each)
4 Dawn soap with Olay moisturizer (Reg. $1.65 each)
1 CVS brand tooth brush (Reg. 99 cents, I got it for free with a extra care coupon)
1 Gallon of milk (Reg. $2.89)
The next two items were not planned on. I got to the register and realized I had not planned my purchase well enough! I needed to come up with $2 more to buy, because my ECB was higher than my purchase. Grrr...so I waisted $2 I could of used for something else. Oh well. I am still learning, right?
1 pack of Extra Desserts gum (Reg $1.29)
1 3 Oz. bag of Crunchy Cheetos (Reg. 99 cents)

Grand total for all of this: $12.75 (The razor blades alone would have cost that!! woohoo!)

First transaction:
The Schick razor blades. (Pay 8.99 get $4.00 ECB back)
1 Col Blaster all natural cold medicine (pay $8.99, get $8.99 in ECB back=FREE!!)
~Use save $3 off $15 purchase CVS coupon from your card scan (ONCE AGAIN the machine did not print a new one for me...but luckily I still had one more stashed away.)
~Use $4.00 off Shick hydro refill coupon

Total for first transaction: $12.29

Second Transaction:
4 cans of whole grain pringles (on sale 2/$3)
4 Zone perfect bars (one sale 2/$3)
4 Dawn dish soap with Olay moisturizer (on sale for 97 cents each)
1 CVS tooth brush
1 Gallon of milk (which we needed)
1 bag of cheetos (PLEASE plan your trip better...this was a waste)
1 pack of gum (grrr...once again...waste.)

This would have been SWEETER if I had another $3 off $15 coupon :( Oh well
Use 2 save $1/2 whole grain pringles coupons (P&G 10/31)
Use 4 save $1 on one zone perfect bar coupons (Smart source 10/31)
Use 4 save .50/1 Dawn with Olay coupons (P&G 10/31)
The machine had printed me out a $1 off any CVS oral product, making the tooth brush free!

Use $12.99 ECB from first transaction
Total for second transaction: 46 cents

Phew! Man, I am trying to learn to plan my trips better. It kills me that I bought a stinking bag of Cheetos and gum that I SOOO did not need. Bummer. Oh well...that's what the learning process is right?

Now if you have not made your CVS trip yet this week, do this trip and my first trip at the same store on YOUR one trip. Just keep rolling those ECB's from one transaction to another if you can! I would buy the cold medicine and blades first, then the Pulsar tooth brushes and Olay second. Then buy what YOU need with the remaining bucks. You do not have to copy exactly what I do. However, I try to never buy anything unless it is on sale AND I have a coupon for it. (Unless of course its something like milk and eggs that I need.)

Let me know if you have questions! I would love to hear the heists you find this week! :)


  1. I have a $10 off a $50 purchase, but I have never spent $50 at CVS unless it was on prescriptions... i haven't gotten a $3 off $15 in a long time

  2. Hmm...I don't think I have ever spent $50 at CVS either! lol And your prescriptions should be free through the military:) I am so mad that the system has not printed one $3/$15 coupon for me AT ALL this week. I did get a $3/$15 beauty purchase. But I am beautiful enough already ;) bahahaha! Just kidding.